Welcome to the Broker Resource Network

To enhance the value of your BRN subscription, you may invite up to 6 executives from your company to join.
Please select carefully. These should be executives in leadership positions within your firm that will benefit from staying connected to the best practices of brokerage, will participate in your confidential sharing forms with other firms, and will engage in efforts to support broker positions with industry and government entities. You will be able to replace your appointments as needed. If you have any questions, contact us at (719) 422-9954

Sign in to your account and begin to invite your leadership team to the Broker Resource Network.

  • Select “Subscription” located under the “Profile” in the BRN Portal menu.
  • Find and select “Add Leadership” on your subscription.
  • Select the “Add Leadership” button.
  • Enter your leadership member’s email address and Name.


Look for your “Welcome” email for instructions as well.