Zero Days on Market Graphic

The Quiet Threat of
Zero Days on Market

Brokerage leaders in the Broker Resource Network share market intelligence on a regular basis and their real estate companies thrive as a result.

One trend they began seeing was significant growth in properties sold with “zero days on market.” So, the Broker Resource Network set out to collect data from several multiple listing systems to determine if this shift was isolated or widespread.

The results of BRN’s research may shock you … or may confirm what you’re seeing.

What are the implications of this data?

Although BRN research is typically only published to BRN brokers, this issue is so important that the BRN decided to allow everyone in the industry to access it.

If you would like to benefit from learning successful strategies from other brokers, hearing about proven ideas from other companies and getting the latest data and analysis on our industry – developed for the unique needs of brokerage leaders – apply to participate in Broker Resource Network today.

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