Joe Schneider

Director of Industry Relations

Joe Schneider - Director of Industry Relations at Compass


Joe Schneider brings over 13 years of real estate experience as the Director of Industry Relations at Compass. His primary responsibilities include advising Compass leaders throughout the country of changes to policy and helping to pivot to be compliant. Joe is also responsible for creating leadership opportunities for Compass leaders at all levels of organized real estate.

Previously, Joe was the Director of Global Strategy and Engagement at the National Association of REALTORS (NAR). He oversaw the day-to-day operations of NAR’s international efforts and actively maintained partnerships with 100 like-kind associations in 85 countries worldwide. While the nature of each partnership varies, Joe and his team ensure that NAR and its members have business avenues into these markets while helping NAR’s partners advance their real estate markets through education, best practices, and strategic development initiatives.

Joe has worked on many special international projects in his position ranging from industry advocacy, creating licensing laws and regulations, and advancing specialized training programs for the real estate industry.

Joe also has extensive technology experience in business development and sales roles at and Groupon Inc.

Joe is proud to serve on the Board of Directors at IHC Global and as a strategic advisor on the Middle East Sustainable Development Initiative (MESDI).

Joe lives in Santa Rosa, CA, with his wife Rachel and daughter Marlowe.