Tracy Berger

Senior VP Sales

Tracy Berger


For over 25 years, Tracy Berger has been involved in almost every aspect of the real estate transaction, but her passion and expertise is management and talent development.  In her current role as Senior Vice President at First American Corporation- Home Warranty Division, Berger shapes and implements the organizational design and training methods to optimize leadership talent at every level.  Berger’s influence across the enterprise spans executives, middle management, operators, and frontline employees. She is directly responsible for managing a national sales team of 115 and operations staff of 50, which drives over $250 million in sales revenue annually. Selected for Women in Leadership– an elite group of female leaders at First American, Berger remains active in the development of innovative initiatives for the benefit of multiple divisions.

Berger’s ability to understand business and the impact of human behavior to the bottom-line makes her skills adaptive to multiple industries. At her core, she is a servient leader, who believes in the evolution of the leadership DNA in every company. She has helped organizations become more agile with an appetite for continuous learning with an emphasis on growth through the lens possibility.  Berger has successfully designed and executed sustainable coaching modalities, which optimize “the genius in every room” and empower employees to adopt an owner’s mindset. Her proven business model and strategies will take your organization to the next level by developing leaders from within.

Berger holds a Masters in Communication from Northwestern University with impressive certifications from Case Western- Appreciative Inquiry, IPEC Executive Coaching, Mediation, Crisis Text Counseling and 3VQ* from Bainbridge Leadership Institute.