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Innovate and Thrive Together

What is the Broker Resource Network?

A community for managing broker leaders from real estate companies of any type or size to learn and share as they make each other stronger.   

The real estate industry today is facing many challenges, but we believe that the greater the challenge the bigger the opportunity!  The Network will connect you with innovative and passionate leaders who, like you, are ready to face these challenges and thrive.  

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Three Pillars of the Broker Resource Network


Iron Sharpens Iron.

Learn from broker leaders, in other markets, how they are overcoming some of the same challenges you are facing. While you share how you are taking advantage of the opportunities in your local marketplace.  Together all the brokerages in the Network benefit.  

Spark Your Innovation.

Find that next great idea that will help you level up your business.  The Network provides exclusive research and insights for subscribers, giving you first mover advantage. The advisory groups and private webinars shed light on the topics which will give you a winning edge.   

Make Your Voice Heard.

Remove the hurdles to your success by advocating for business-friendly policies. Together the Network is bringing broker issues to the forefront and helping subscribers on the local, state, and national levels.  

Join like-minded broker leaders on a mission to innovate and thrive.

Support for better collaboration among brokers comes from all corners of the industry.


There are many critical functions within your brokerage, each with their own set of unique challenges.  The Network has made a special place for your leadership team and every subscription includes access for up to six company leaders.  From marketing to technology and everything in between, your team will find the added support, that let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t provide yourself.

When you join the Network, you and your team will get instant access to the following services.

Peer Advisory Groups

Solve problems and find new opportunities when you connect directly with other leaders in open discussions. 

Advocacy Efforts

Leverage the Network to create new policies and enforce the ones that are already in place.

Exclusive Studies

Uncover the strengths and weaknesses in your business with insights from other brokerages around the country. 

Live Webinars

Learn from experts in real estate and other industries the best practices you can implement in your business. 

Weekly Content

Be in the know with articles, insights, and spotlights of the most important topics.  

Online Community

Get your questions answered when you join the conversations happening in the private Facebook group and Discord channels.